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Reach within to embrace humanity

President Murray
Murray Stanley

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Meetings at the Taupo Yacht Club (Ferry Road)
5:30pm – 7:30pm

Murray Stanley

Steve Gledhill

Club Administration:
Steve Gledhill

Dennis Jenkins
(also President Elect)

Service Projects:
Helen Mulvay

Ray Toms

David Jennings

Public Relations:
Mary Lockwood

Past President:
Sheryll Keen


The Community Van

community van

The Free Community Coach was made possible through proceeds from the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. This van is free to community clubs for the cost of fuel!

Call 027 FREE VAN for more info.

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Rotary Fact(s)

More than 770 million adults worldwide do not know how to read. In an increasingly complex world, illiteracy condemns many of them to the lowest rungs of society. Learn how we are helping support basic education and literacy, an area of focus under the Future Vision Plan

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On a lighter note   

It's getting closer!   

Never mind that there is an election on the same day - we booked the day first!

CC riders

The Contact Great Lake Cycle Challenge 2011 is now only 4 months 22 days away or in other words 21 weeks or 147 days.

Remember 26 November 2011 - OUR cycle challenge day.

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Conservation Planting

In the past the Rotary has joined the Department of Conservation in the native tree plantings at Whakaipo Bay.

This year we have joined Living Legends, and there will be an even bigger planting during the rugby world cup on the 18th of September.

Encourage your members to register their interest in the event by clicking here

Encourage them to link their Facebook (and yours please)
to this link:

Thank you for your support J

Anna McKnight
Ranger Community Relations
Department of Conservation





 Rotary Club of Taupo Moana
       Club chartered in 1975

July 4 2011



What a great night! Making the most of the fact that the changeover was on 4 July, the red white and blue theme lit up the amazingly decorated Yacht Club and set the tone for a wonderful evening. Scenic Cellars staff had designed superb red white and blue American themed labels for the bottles of wine on the table and a number of wives had spent most of Monday decorating the venue.

Fran JenkinsHomeless American aka Peter RobertsMurray and Barbara StanleyHelen Mulvay, winner of 2011 Bulletin Editors Award

Outgoing president Sheryll Keen and new president Murray StanleyEveryoneOutgoing president Sheryll Keen and new president Murray Stanley

See many more photos of the night, taken by Carol Grant, by clicking here


Outgoing president Sheryll gave a wonderful warm-hearted and humourous speech thanking all of those have helped her through the year and individually acknowledged members of the board and club service people. She acknowledged the fact that "I am a woman and good at spending money and there was not a lot left over from my year from Murray." One proud moment for her as president was sponsoring the charter of the new Rotary club, Taupo Espresso. This meant that we now have three strong and vibrant clubs in town. She acknowledged the recent death, after a recent short illness, of Barry Keehan, a long time and valued club member and mentor to many.

She was able to announce an exciting piece of news for the club that had come from the district changeover the night before. Helen Mulvay, the club's bulletin editor for the past year took out the award for the district's best bulletin and editor. Well done Helen!

Finally, she thanked her husband David for all the work he had done during the year, quietly in the background, to help her through the year as president.


Sheryll passed the chains of office over to Murray Stanley, a club's president for 2011 – 2012.

Passing over the chain

In accepting the presidency Murray thanked all those attending and to the club for placing the confidence and trust in him through the next year. He complimented Sheryll on the state of the club with membership growing and the club being in good heart. Murray commented on the Rotary International's theme for this year "reach within to embrace humanity" - he believes the meaning of this for all Rotarians is that you need to look at your inner strength and as Gandhi said: "you must be the change that you wish to see in the world". The Rotary will achieve many of its goals such as putting an end polio, reducing child mortality, spreading literacy and prevention of hunger not only in far-off countries but our own but we need to realise that everything starts within each of us.

Our new district Governor, Raewyn Kirkman, has set out four key areas as a focus for the coming year:

  • build Rotary membership
  • public image
  • the Rotary foundation
  • projects

We will have an opportunity to her speak when she comes to our club in August. A key point Murray made was that today's generation don't join clubs – they join causes. He doesn't see the cycle challenge as our club's cause. It is in fact the wherewithal to provide the resources that we need to undertake a cause or causes.

Murray concluded by introducing his directors for the year, who are listed on the left hand side of this bulletin.

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Murray Stanley

I was born and raised a long time ago in South Auckland - born in Otahuhu and grew up on the mean streets of Manurewa. I attended Manurewa High School and was very happy there – although I recollect that some of the teachers were not so happy about me being there.  My claim to fame in the annals of Manurewa High during the 1960s was that I was the only 6th Form student removed from the University Entrance Accreditation list.  I kept failing the weekly uniform inspections because I wouldn’t get my hair cut.  The past is a foreign country; they used to do things differently there.

On leaving school, I secured an engineering cadetship with the NZ Electricity Department. In the 1960s, the National Government was planning to build a large nuclear power station beside the Kaipara Harbour and that was where I was headed on the completion of my training. In those days, nuclear power was almost seen as a “glamorous” technology and many were surprised that someone like me had managed to get into the programme. However, not long after I started my training, the Maui Gas Field was discovered and so NZ moved to a hydro and gas fired mix of power stations. 

Over the next 41 years I worked in many different power stations throughout NZ, England and Australia.  I finished my career as Generation Operations Manager for Contact Energy and was responsible for Contact’s 10 power stations in various locations in NZ and Australia. It will be no surprise that my Rotary vocation is Power Station Management 

But going back to the early 1970s, I met a South Canterbury farmer’s daughter who was looking a bit out of place working as a school dental nurse in Otara. How could I resist that crisp starched white uniform and the long blond hair that came all the way down to her waist? So Barbara and I got married and like so many others flew away for our great OE adventures in America and Europe.   

On our return, I got back into the power station business and then babies started turning up. We have 3 children Michael, Kathryn and Nicola. The two girls are in London and we have just retuned from a great trip to see them. Michael and his wife Abigail live in Dunedin and in January they lit up our lives with our first grandchild, William.  

My Rotary experience began while I was working on the Clutha hydro power system (Clyde & Roxburgh) in Central Otago. In 1996 I joined the male only Alexandra Club and at various times served as Sergeant and Director of Youth and Vocation. The major fundraiser for the club was their annual book fair which was held over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. I also initiated the Community Quiz Evening which still runs to this day. 

In 2008 I retired to Taupo and joined Taupo Moana Rotary in 2009. Like a lot of retired people, I seem busier now than I have ever been and seem to have become an inveterate club joiner. Besides Taupo Moana Rotary, I am also in the Camera Club, Halibut Photographic Group, the Golf Club, the Travel Club, the Mazda MX5 Sports car Club. As well as all of that Barbara and I still love to travel, but given what lies ahead of me in my Rotary year, perhaps not too far from Taupo for a while.

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One of the highlights of any president's year is the awarding of Paul Harris Fellowships.

David Margerison   Ilse Keehan                                      Ilse KeehanIlse Keehan

The first fellowship awarded by Sheryll during the evening was to someone who just quietly got on with life working away at Rotary service often very much in the background. Sheryll said "this person embodies the spirit of Rotary – service above self. Involved in various committee projects, not just through Rotary but in the community this person has given of their time and energy and this is given with a smile and cheerful humour." The first fellowship of the evening was made to David Margerison.

The second Paul Harris Fellowship went to someone who has had a long association with our club through her husband. This person worked away in the background always assisting and being a tremendous support to both her husband and the club. It was hoped that this Fellowship, to Ilse Keehan, could have be made while Barry were still alive. Barry was aware that the recognition was going to be given and was extremely proud and pleased that a Fellowship was going to Ilse. Ilse is not only our newest Paul Harris Fellow but also our newest honorary member.

Congratulations to both David and Ilse, two very well-deserved fellowships.

Ilse Keehan

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11 July: Anne-Catherines Farewell

18 July: Superintendant Glen Dunbier

25 July:

1 August:

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Members duty roster   

Reception: Arrive 5.30 pm. Mark attendance, record visitors and paying guests, complete attendance list and hand to president.
Meet & Greet:
Arrive 5.30pm. Greet members as they arrive. Welcome visiting Rotarians and guests.
3 Minute speaker:
A chance to introduce yourself to the club or expand (in just 3 minutes!) on topic of interest.
Rotary 1-3 Min:
Brief talk on a Rotary fact or information.
Speakers host:
Meet speaker, introduce speaker to club.
Visitors host:
Makes sure visitors feel welcome, make introductions.
Bring a guest:
Your guest might be our next club member!
Speaker thanks: T
hank the speaker. Present club gift to them.
Parting thought:
Relevant to speakers topic or Rotary in general


 11th July

 18th July

 25 July


 Dave Wakelin

 Maurice Marshment

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 Bob Jollands       

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 Murray Stanley


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 Rob McKnight

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 Ivan Rudd

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 Doug Simmons

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 Hamish Hey


 Peter Roberts

Mary Lockwood

 Maurice Marshment

Please do your duties. If you can not make the meeting and you have a duty PLEASE arrange for someone to cover for you.

Apologies & Additions: Please phone Margy on 378-7899 before 1:30pm Monday or email: if you do not you pay.

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